FNT celebrates 25th anniversary

NSCAG News | on: Monday, 11 May 2015

On 28 April, the National Workers' Front FNTcelebrated 25 years since its foundation. The FNT currently has 9 trade unions affiliated to it, with around 270,000 members. Its primary goals are to maintain the unity of the workers and to promote the Sandinista Government's social and national strategy in order to benefit the majority of the people and the most vulnerable in society. The FNT describes itself as a front for popular and social struggle which aims to promote achievements which will benefit all organised workers. For 25 years, the FNT has not wavered from its commitment to workers in all sectors and at all levels, including health, education and agricultural development. The FNT is committed to delivering quality services to the population but at the same time recognises the need to continue the fight against poverty, unemployment and sickness. The following statement was issued by the FNT on 1st May:-

'These 25 years represent a commitment to work, a commitment to struggle, a commitment to the Revolution. We will continue to go forward as organised workers, continuing to build love, peace and solidarity in the face of many challenges which we may face. Long live the Revolution, long live Nicaraguan workers, long live the 1st of May'.

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