Message from Domingo Perez

NSCAG News | on: Saturday, 26 March 2011

British Comrades:

Please receive from the General Confederation of the National Union of Employees of Nicaragua (UNE-FNT) and from me personally, warm trade union greetings.

We have learned that a right-wing political coalition has taken power in Britain, and is planning structural reforms. These reforms will negatively affect workers’ rights since they will eliminate the welfare state, threaten the jobs of 7 million people, violate trade union freedoms and the right to organize, threaten collective bargaining - the central element of the rights of public sector workers, and of workers in general. Brothers and sisters, this cannot be allowed. These are rights earned through long years of struggle by the British trade unions, and they cannot be stripped away as if by a tsunami such as that which recently hit our Japanese brothers and sisters to whom we also express our solidarity.

We cannot allow this to happen, we have to struggle with all our strength, and with all our mobilising ability to develop alternatives with the backing of the workers in the streets, defending their working and social rights.

From Nicaragua, the public sector trade unions affiliated to the UNE-FNT express our solidarity with you and support your struggles. Savage capitalism, expressed through the corrupt governments of the Right, cannot destroy the social benefits achieved through centuries of labour and trade union struggle. We are with you all as your brother workers who have also lived similar neoliberal policies of the deregulation of labour, and we have fought against them in the streets. We will always be united and in solidarity with you, our brothers and sisters in the UK.

Not one step backwards!

Long live the workers organized in the TUC!

Long live the workers of the World!

The National Executive Committee of the General Confederation of the National Union of Employees (UNE-FNT)

Domingo Fco. Pérez
General Secretary

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