Unions, Government and Business Agree on New Wholesale Prices

NSCAG News | on: Friday, 25 March 2011

In a tripartite meeting with the Sandinista government and local business representatives last week the ATC rural workers trade union agreed on prices and distribution of basic goods in the rural sector of the economy. The ATC demanded that basic foodstuffs be sold at wholesale prices in order to supplement the purchasing power of rural workers, who have already received a 13% wage hike this year, arguing that the measure would lead to increased stability of the rural population, which would provide employers with a more stable workforce.

The ATC also sought the support of rural employers in both moving and managing the basic foodstuffs to be subsidised by the government, according to Edgardo Garcia the ATC secretary. During the meeting a discussion was held over where to locate supply points and how the subsidy would work with the state-owned ENABAS company which sells a series of 50 basic products, such as flour, rice, maize, cooking oil, soap and so on at subsidised prices.

According to the ATC, this subsidy will benefit 250,000 rural workers, and would benefit employers by ensuring a more stable workforce.

This year Nicaragua has had a good harvest, and thanks to public investment in the road system, a much improved distribution of basic foodstuffs. Nicaragua will also increase its beef exports to Venezuela during 2011, aiming to reach 36,000 tons. The value of Nicaraguan coffee exports has also risen by nearly 80% during the October 2010-february 2011 period, bringing $153,800,000 in export revenues.

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