Solidarity with Venezuela

NSCAG News | on: Monday, 14 March 2016

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Responding to the latest serious developments in Venezuela, the NSCAG has signed the following statement from the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign condemning the renewal of sanctions by the United States and continuing attempts to oust elected President Maduro. For further information see and


We, the undersigned, note the growing concern across progressive movements and governments across Latin America that elements of the Right Wing within Venezuela have called again for the 'ousting' of the elected President Nicolas Maduro before the constitutional end of term.

The success of such a campaign wopuld mean the implemenation of a hardline neo-liberal programme in Venezuela, which could only further exacerbate the country's economic problems and overturn the advances in social programmes and labour rights of recent years.

Announcements from the right-wing this week follow the decision of the US to renew sanctions against Venezuela, which have been condemed by the Union of South American nations.

Agreeing with the Latin American community of nations, we call for respect for Venezuela's national sovereignty and ongoing solidarity with the social achievements Venezuela has made in recent years.

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