Nicaraguan street sellers benefit from improved working conditions

NSCAG News | on: Monday, 25 April 2016

On 11 April, street sellers working at bus stops outside the Central American University in Managua saw the inauguration of kiosks from which they can in future ply their trade. The kiosks represent a great improvment in conditions for these workers, all of whom are members of the Self-Employed Workers' Union CTCP. The kiosks are made from recycled pallets, and each worker pays 60 dollars to receive one. Previously, street sellers have had to make do with improvised plots covered with plastic sheeting. It is hoped to roll out these kiosks, named 'tourist kiosks' to other parts of the Managua by the end of the year. Each worker receives a key for his or her kiosk, and training on issues such as handling of food is provided by the Institute of Tourism, which then issues workers with a certificate confirming that the training has been completed.

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