Nicaragua marks International Workers' Day

NSCAG News | on: Friday, 6 May 2016

In remarks on theoccasion of May 1st, International Workers' Day, President Daniel Ortega said Nicaragua is committed to a new model of free market economy that promotes social justice and better living conditions for workers. “Investments are essential in the fight against poverty and so Nicaragua is implementing a Tripartite Alliance Model between government, employers and labour, which provides security for investors and good paying jobs for workers,” he stated. He spoke at an event organized by the National Workers Front (FNT) that was held on 29th April. In his speech he condemned the attempts to remove from office Presidents Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela and Dilma Rousseff of Brazil. In the case of Brazil he said that what was going on was “a coup d‘état to remove a president without any legal basis; it is simply a political coup.” He added that the member of congress who is at the head of the impeachment process is himself accused of corruption. He stated that Nicolas Maduro is facing enemies full of hate who want to take advantage of difficult situations in Venezuela, including an energy crisis.

He said he was reminded of a similar crisis that affected Nicaragua when he took office and the help that he received from Venezuela to resolve that crisis.

Speaking at the same event, FNT General Secretary Gustavo Porras said that trade union members were united in their support for the candidacy of President Ortega for another term as president in the upcoming November elections. “This time we are all united in consensus supporting Daniel to defeat poverty because he is our historical candidate, a prophet, who brought us out of the lion’s den,” Porras said. He added that, “Under Comandante Daniel and Compañera Rosario we are making revolution.”

On May 1, hundreds of workers marched in Managua at two separate Sandinista events. Marching earlier in the day from the Hugo Chavez Circle to the National Assembly were members of the National Union of Older Adults (UNAM). UNAM vice-president Alba Mendoza said that retired persons in Nicaragua had reason to celebrate. “We have obtained many things such as the small pension [for workers who did not pay into the Social Security system long enough for a full pension] as well as eyeglasses, wheelchairs, canes, and participation in Plan Roof and affordable housing,” she said. She added that the UNAM would continue to work for women to receive money based on their own work on top of widow’s benefits they may receive.

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