FETSALUD celebrates 42nd anniversary

NSCAG News | on: Friday, 3 June 2016

On 25 May, health union FETSALUD held its 9th National Congress in celebration of its 42nd Anniversary. During the Congress, Dr Gustavo Porras was re-elected as General Secretary, with Evelyn Umana as his Deputy. The Congress confirmed the commitment of FETSALUD's members to strengthening the community and patient-centred model of family health care in Nicaragua. The union's membership now stands at some 26,000, representing 90% of health workers (which includes doctors as well as nurses and auxiliary staff) in Nicaragua. The Congress confirmed its support for the candidacy of President Daniel Ortega in the elections due to take place in November this year. Congress also praised the achievements which have taken place in Nicaragua such as the construction and remodelling of hospitals and health centres and salary increases for health workers.

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