Declaration from Leonel Ruguma Young Trade Unionists Committee

NSCAG News | on: Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The “Leonel Ruguma” Young Trade Unionists Committee


Comrade workers of all state institutions and municipalities: This 1st of May, International Workers Day, we celebrate in an atmosphere of job stability alongside a government of the poor, a government that belongs to the workers and to the people in general.

As a young and revolutionary trade union movement we feel very pleased that we have a government that thinks of, believes in, and helps the most needy, and that we have a President that works for the revolutionary transformation of the country in the interests of the most vulnerable.

We young workers of the municipality of Managua want to live in peace, want to work in peace, want a world without violence, and want the sovereignty, dignity and integrity of our motherland, and of all peoples, to be respected.


Nicaraguan workers! Only with this revolutionary government and with Daniel Ortega will we have more jobs. Only with this government will the “Christian and Socialist Solidarity Bonus” - which 152,000 Nicaraguan workers receive – continue, and will we continue to build free education and healthcare for all.

Today we have more freedom to organise trade unions, more collective bargaining agreements, and more workers participating actively in this revolutionary productive process - because the government of President Ortega is re-establishing the rights that were trampled upon during 16 years of neoliberal governments.

"With the Frente, with Daniel, we have work and peace. Viva May 1st!

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