NSCAG rejects Global Witness reports as untrue and misleading

NSCAG News | on: Friday, 16 March 2018

Towards the end of last year, we challenged an extremely misleading and inaccurate article published by Global Witness:-


In spite of repeated efforts on our part, Global Witness have repeatedly refused to engage with us and chose International Women's Day to publish a blog which is yet again full of misleading information and factual inaccuracies about Nicaragua. The blog can be found at


Our response to the blog can be found here

Just as before, Global Witness have dismissed our concerns, stating:-

'We are aware of your concerns regarding coverage of Nicaragua. However, Global Witness staff have engaged on this issue with you and others last year, and regard these discussions as sufficient and final'.

It remains a mystery as to why an organisation that purports to take pride in 'providing incontrovertible evidence' persists in publishing information and allegations which are clearly factually wrong.

More information on continued and unjustified attacks by Global Witness against Nicaragua can be found at:-


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