Nicaraguan trade unions united in condemnation of Bolivian coup

NSCAG News | on: Friday, 29 November 2019

Women showing support for FSLN - the V sign means 'United in Victory'. Pic: Morning Star

Women showing support for FSLN - the V sign means 'United in Victory'. Pic: Morning Star

Meeting in an Extraordinary General Assembly called in the wake of the Bolivian coup, Nicaraguan trade unions were united in their condemnation of the coup and in their determination to defend Nicaragua’s sovereignty and right to self-determination. The Assembly brought together members of the National Workers’ Front FNT, the Sandinista Confederation of Workers CST, the Jose Benito Escobar Union Confederation of Workers CST-JBE and the Rural Workers’ Association ATC. Members of the health workers’ union FETSALUD, public sector union UNE, self-employed workers’ union CTCP, higher education union FESITUN, teachers’ union ANDEN and the Coordination of Social Movements representing various community organisations were also present.

In an official declaration issued at the end of the meeting, participants rejected and condemned the violence and racism perpetrated against indigenous people in Bolivia and the 'brutal and criminal coup against President Evo Morales’.

The meeting also condemned ‘the hypocritical and illegal use of international institutions such as the Organisation of American States (OAS) which, together with US imperialists, are promoting and provoking coups against the popular and progressive governments of Latin America and against the constitutional democracy and sovereignty of the people.’ The declaration confirmed Nicaraguan workers’ support for the democratically elected Government of President Ortega and that they are united ‘in a single front to defend the peace and economic and social stability that has been built by the FSLN Government.'

Union representatives confirmed that they will maintain a permanent mobilisation to prevent any action that seeks to revive last year’s failed attempted coup in Nicaragua. ‘We are going to defend the Revolution inherited by our heroes and martyrs and we call on all union organisations to strengthen unity and close ranks to defend our social gains.’

Professor Jose Antonio Zepeda, General Secretary of teachers’ union ANDEN stated that Nicaraguan workers would unite to defend peace and the right to a free, quality education and benefits such as free school meals. ‘The workers are those who have built the wealth of our country and we are ready to fight and to work. We will not allow a situation where one penny has to be paid to receive an education.'

Maritza Espinales, General Secretary of higher education union FESITUN added 'We say to the fascist right wing who think they can do the same in Nicaragua as in Bolivia that here we have a workforce that is alert; we won’t allow the return of fascism and with it the return of cruelty and hate.'

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