Opinion poll indicates strong support for government

NSCAG News | on: Friday, 17 January 2020

Nicaraguan children celebrate 13 years of free education

Nicaraguan children celebrate 13 years of free education

According to a wide ranging opinion poll carried out by M&R consultores in the last quarter of 2019, support and confidence in the Sandinista government remains strong.

The poll also indicates a strong rejection of foreign interference and sanctions, and any form of coup attempt. There is a particularly strong rejection of a return to the violence of the 2018 road blocks.

There is a stark contrast between the major concerns of Nicaraguans and those of the opposition, international politicians, media and international human rights organisations.

For 56% of Nicaraguans the main problems the country faces are economic (unemployment, poverty and the high cost of living) while 29.4% view political problems as of major concern. Contrary to international perceptions only 0.2% see "repression" by the Sandinista government as a major problem.

In September 2018, 58.6% of those interviewed stated that they believed the Government works for the benefit of the population however this percentage rose in this most recent poll to 69.3%.

Satisfaction was particularly high (more than 60%) with the provision of clean water, health care, education, electricity, the state of the roads, inter-urban transport and public safety.

Again contrary to international perception between 7 and 8 of every 10 interviewees considered that the country's political system respects freedom of religion, business and expression, the right to property, the right to vote, and the human rights of the population in general.

In terms of political support, 52% indicated sympathies with the FSLN, 23.9% for the opposition and 24.1% ‘independent.’

For a full copy of the M&R consultores report:


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