Nicaraguan unions send solidarity message on May Day

NSCAG News | on: Friday, 1 May 2020

Greetings on this May 1st, International Workers Day, a day that implies our commitment to move forward in the fight for a better world.

In these days when we face a global pandemic, it is important to have solidarity and working class identity. Today as yesterday big business wants workers to bear the brunt of the economic ravages of the measures to address the epidemic.

In Nicaragua, workers face challenges to move our country forward, besieged by interventionist policies and aggression in the form of sanctions by the US empire as well as the media campaigns of the right-wing leaders of the failed attempted coup in 2018. As organised workers and Nicaraguan unions, we remain steadfast in the global efforts to address the COVID-19 pandemic, defending our people's right to a dignified life, as well as rejecting the hate, fear and terror promoted through disinformation and fake news.

We express our unconditional solidarity with workers in the UK and are sure that together we can restore a world based on social justice.

We also extend our solidarity to the thousands of families in the UK who have lost loved ones. We will overcome this pandemic and we demand that all countries recognise health as a universal human right.

In solidarity

FNT (National Workers Front) and its affiliated unions in the public sector - health, education, higher education and central and local government

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