NSCAG accuses Guardian of irresponsible journalism

NSCAG News | on: Thursday, 11 June 2020

In its latest piece on Nicaragua (8 June) the Guardian has continued with its relentless and unfounded attacks on Nicaragua. It is worth noting that the reporter, Wilfredo Miranda, writes for Confidencial which has been a US-government funded propaganda outlet since at least 2011. Confidencial serves as a mouthpiece for Nicaragua’s right wing led opposition and persists in publishing fake news and false information designed to promote chaos and instability and to strike fear into the hearts of the Nicaraguan people.

Together with colleagues in Nicaragua, NSCAG has produced a detailed critique which exposes the many flaws in the Guardian's latest piece. This can be found here.

This is irresponsible journalism at its worst. Facing increasing hostility from the US and a raft of US-imposed sanctions, Nicaragua continues to defy the odds and has had considerable success in controlling the spread of the virus – due largely to its community-based model of free and accessible universal health care. Yet the Guardian has seen fit to indulge in further biased and inaccurate reporting. At a time when there is a stark difference between US-backed neo-liberal governments such as Brazil, Ecuador, Peru and Honduras and countries such as Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela that are prioritising saving lives and public health, why is it that the Guardian chooses – yet again – to attack Nicaragua?

As stated in a recent article by Alliance for Global Justice, Nicaragua is under attack from the US, the US-led Nicaraguan opposition and their many media arms locally and internationally. All of them are using the cover of COVID-19 to tell blatant untruths and create fake news at every turn. The Guardian is no exception.

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