Majority of Nicaraguans Reaffirm Support for the FSLN

NSCAG News | on: Wednesday, 13 January 2021

A wide-ranging poll carried out by independent polling firm M & R consultores in December 2020 indicates that the FSLN (Sandinista National Liberation Front) maintains a big advantage over a fragmented opposition that lacks support and credible leadership. Results from the survey, which looked at voting intentions in the run up to Nicaragua's elections in November this year, indicated 53.2% support for the FSLN and 8.9% for the opposition. 58.4% of those interviewed felt that Nicaragua would do better with the FSLN, while 65.3% said that the FSLN generates hope and tranquility.

The poll showed that voting intention remains the same as shown in previous polls. If the national elections had been held in the period when this survey was carried out, voting for the FSLN ranged between 47.1% and 74.3%. On the contrary, the groups that make up the current opposition could have obtained between a 6.7% floor and a 22.4% ceiling of voting intention.

Over 60% of those polled said that the FSLN provides more opportunities for their children to have a better life. 60.6% said they would have more job opportunities with an FSLN government, and 62.8% said that they would have more access to having their own home. 63.4% said that only with the FSLN did they have more opportunity for free and quality health care and 63.6% that they had greater access to free education with the FSLN in government. 60.4% said that they would have citizen security with an FSLN government.

Regarding the current government's management, 81.4% of those surveyed considered that the government was aware of the country's problems, 74.6% said that the country's problems have been solved, and 77.4% said that the government has the capacity to solve problems. 74.8% affirmed that the government maintains good communication with the population and 75% said that the government generates trust in them.

Respondents showed their satisfaction with aspects and services offered in Nicaragua, particularly government institutions. 84.9% expressed satisfaction with the current state of the roads, 84.8% with interurban transport services, 84.3% with public education services, 82% with electricity services, 80.9% with drinking water services, 78.6% with free quality health care.

Regarding the forthcoming elections, 83.5% of those surveyed said that the elections are very important and 82.7% that it is very important to exercise the right to vote. 76.3% said that they are likely to particpate in the November elections and 54.4% that they will definitely vote. 71.8% of those interviewed said that if the people decide, then whatever government it is should be re-elected.


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