NSCAG inaugurated the UNE legal office on 4 August

NSCAG News | on: Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Photo from left to right: Javier Caballero and Emilio Irias (UNE legal advisors); Ignacio Silva (UNE international relations); Everth Chavarria (general secretary of Managua Municipal Workers Federation; Heberto Ruiz, (UNE secretary of finances); Helen Yuill, Domingo Perez (UNE general secretary), Arely Lopez (UNE Youth Committee)

Lawyer Emilio Irias explained the importance of being able to provide legal advice and support to UNE members: ‘Until now we have only been able to provide legal support in an ad hoc, inconsistent way. Having a legal office will mean we are able to provide a systematic, continuous legal service so that cases can be followed up, people can be properly represented, and that we will be able to provide legal training for members and come up with ways of addressing common problems.’

Article in UNE Bulletin featuring the Legal Office

Article in UNE Bulletin featuring the Legal Office

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