NSCAG and AFGJ webinar recordings now available!

NSCAG News | on: Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Pic: Labour Outlook

Pic: Labour Outlook

Recordings of recent webinars held by NSCAG and the Alliance for Global Justice are now available on YouTube.

The recording of the NSCAG webinar held on 15 April - 'Regime change comes to the US: a Nicaraguan perspective' with speakers Nils McCune, Dan Kovalik and Coleen Littlejohn is available here

A copy of the powerpoint presented by Nils McCune can be found here

The recording of the Alliance for Global Justice webinar held on 18 April - Media Disinformation on Nicaragua: a tool in US Unconventional Warfare' with speakers Nan McCurdy, John Perry and Louise Richards is available here

A copy of John Perry's presentation can be found here

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