Nicaragua's opposition advocating US intervention

NSCAG News | on: Wednesday, 7 July 2021

Nicaraguan opposition groups meet with US Congress members, October 2019

Nicaraguan opposition groups meet with US Congress members, October 2019

Nicaragua's political opposition is split between the country's legitimate political parties and opposition movements advocatng foreign intervention like the Civic Alliance and the National Unity blocs which falsely claim to represent Nicaraguan civil society. Among the most aggressive components of this non-party political opposition, the ex sandinistas of the former Sandinista Renewal Movement (MRS), now known as Unamos, have received funding from the US government since 2005. From that time to the present they have consistently misrepresented themselves in North America and Europe as a progressive political movement. In fact, they made an electoral pact in 2006 to support their right wing partners at the time and continued that deal in the 2008 municipal elections, when they supported US supported right wing banker Eduardo Montealegre as candidate for mayor of Managua for the right wing PLC party, still controlled at that time by corrupt ex-president Arnoldo Alemán.

A recently published article from Tortilla con Sal provides photographic evidence of the way in which Nicaragua's right-wing opposition has continued to meet with their friends in Washington to lobby for US intervention in their country. For more see here

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