New poll puts Daniel Ortega and the FSLN on course to win the November elections

NSCAG News | on: Sunday, 22 August 2021

The results of a poll released by independent polling firm M & R Consultores on 17 August point to Daniel Ortega and the FSLN winning the November 7 election with a comfortable margin.

Responses to supplementary questions show great confidence in Nicaragua's future and high participation in the election.

85.7% of Nicaraguans surveyed considered that the elections are very important and 78.5% affirmed that they will probably vote. The predisposition to vote for the FSLN is 66.7% as opposed to 20.5% for the opposition. 66.6% of respondents stated that an FSLN government would be best for the country, with only 10.9% in favour of an oppositon government. The rating of the work done by President Daniel Ortega was 70.6%. 76.8% considered that there is respect for fundamental rights in Nicaragua and 60.3% stated that they were are satisfied with the functioning of democracy in the country.

65.3% of those surveyed felt that the fundamental part of a democracy is that the people have real opportunities and 95.5% stated that those who participate in the elections under the established rules, for the good of the country, must accept the results.

A link to the full survey can be found here

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