Nicaragua ranks 7th in the world for gender equality

NSCAG News | on: Monday, 18 July 2022

The World Economic Forum Gender Gap Report published on 13 July ranks Nicaragua 7th in the world for gender equality. The United Kingdom ranks 22nd and the United States 27th.

According to the report, Nicaragua holds joint first position for gender equality in educational attainment and fifth in the world in terms of overall political empowerment. Nicaragua is also just 0.002 points off joint first place in the WEF index on Health and Survival and ranks first in the following areas: -

  • women professional and technical workers
  • women's literacy rate
  • women's enrolment in tertiary education
  • women in parliament
  • Women in ministerial (cabinet) positions

Nicaragua's legal framework emphasises the empowerment of women in key areas of society - political, educational, economic and health. In January 2014, a 50/50 law was introduced as part of Nicaragua's constitutional reforms. This law requires there to be a quota of at least 50% women standing as candidates for public office and party political posts.

Women are regarded as playing a fundamental role in society and known as the 'force of the Revolution'. A culture of equal rights and non-discrimination is promoted in all schools through the implementation of a new subject - 'Women's Rights and Dignities' which teaches students about women’s right to a life without harassment and abuse and the injustices of the patriarchal system

You can find the full WEF report here

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