Nicaragua's prisoner release

NSCAG News | on: Monday, 6 March 2023

Released prisoners meeting with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken

Released prisoners meeting with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken

In our February update, we reported on the release by the Nicaraguan government on 9 February of 222 individuals who were guilty of serious crimes. They actively participated in the US-funded 2018 violent coup attempt to oust the country's democratically elected government.

Unfortunately, the government's action has since then been completely distorted by corporate media in the US, EU and in the UK, and the US continues to take aim at the country through a mix of illegal sanctions and threats.

The truth is that the 222 individuals received US monies directly or indirectly, through nonprofits or businesses, to manage US aggressions against the State of Nicaragua. Many of them conspired with the US embassy in Managua. Most of them were involved in the 2018 US-directed coup attempt that left 253 people dead, hundreds of Sandinistas tortured and traumatized, and billions of dollars of damage to the economy. They were planning further actions in the run-up to Nicaragua’s 2021 elections when they were arrested.

We are pleased to publish an article here which sets out the facts behind the fiction - see link here and see also here

Please see also article by John Perry - 'Nicaragua's 'political prisoners' would be criminals by US standards' - link here

And article by Jill Clark-Gollub - 'Reconciliation does not mean forgetting in Nicaragua' - see link here

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