European Solidarity Conference, Madrid, October 2023

NSCAG News | on: Thursday, 2 November 2023

On October 21 and 22, a European Conference in solidarity with Nicaragua took place in Madrid, Spain. The title of the meeting was 'United for Independence and Sovereignty'.

The Conference was attended by more than 60 participants from 25 organisations involved in solidarity and internationalism – this included trade union and political organisations. Representatives from the Embassies of Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela attended as did, via video link, two senior Nicaraguan government officials – Orlando Tardencilla, advisor to the President of the Republic of Nicaragua for Policies and International Relations, and Brenda Rocha, President of the Supreme Electoral Council of Nicaragua.

Work was carried out in four workshops looking at the different realities of the socio-political situation of Nicaragua within the global context: -

1-Crisis of imperialism and decline of the West,

2-Anti-imperialist history of Nicaragua (see article below)

3-The hybrid war of the USA against Nicaragua

4-Achievements of the Sandinista Revolution (see article below)

The conclusions of the workshops were presented to the plenary session of the Conference which agreed the following statements and declarations:-

*Achievements of the Sandinista Revolution:


*Declaration on Palestine:


Anti-Imperialist History of Nicaragua:


A detailed history of Nicaragua from the times of independence.

For more information see also link here

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