UNE sends message of support to union day of action

NSCAG News | on: Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Domingo Perez, General Secretary of UNE, has sent the following message of support for today's day of action:-

'We have been informed that on 4 February, UNISON, GMB and UNITE will be organising a day of action to protest against Government cuts and reductions in public services. UNE believes that this is the only way to confront a policy of unbridled capitalism which excludes so many in society and which leads to increased unemployment and denies people full access to health care and education. People pay their taxes in the expectation that Government will introduce social programmes which benefit the majority. But an unbridled capitalist system such as that in the UK serves only to make the dominant classes richer and the poor poorer. For this reason, we have to mobilise and to take to the streets, demanding the restitution of all of our rights – more jobs, better access to health care, better education and more attention to the most vulnerable sectors of society.

The Nicaraguan trade union movement stands by you in your just fight – your victory is also our victory. In the words of resistance leader Augusto Cesar Sandino ‘Only the workers will go on towards the end, only their organised strength will win’ – Not one step back. Let us go forward to construct a new economic model based on social justice and equality.

In solidarity

Domingo Perez'

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