Nicaraguan trade union leader addresses ILO Conference

NSCAG News | on: Thursday, 5 June 2014

Speaking at the recent International Labour Organisation conference, Jose Antonio Zepeda Lopez, General Secretary of teachers' union ANDEN, spoke of the model of social dialogue and consensus which has been introduced in Nicaragua by the Ortega government. He said that this model had allowed for a great deal of progress in terms of social and economic development and labour relations. The inclusion of tripartism in the revised constitution meant that trade unions were now able to play a full part in the development of social and economic policy.

Sr Lopez also said that the restoration of rights in Nicaragua had allowed for more steps to be taken to combat poverty. As a result, it had been possible to introduce plans and programmes directed at the poorest in society, and in particular those affected by the policies of neo-liberal governments in power from 1990-2007. Nicaragua, although still a poor country, was now seeing a reduction in poverty and economic growth and its social programmes were receiving international recognition.

Whilst there is still some way to go, the guarantee of access to education, the emphasis on preventive and community health care, technical and financial support for production were all leading to employment growth and better salaries for workers.

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