New labour code speeds up conflict resolution

NSCAG News | on: Thursday, 26 June 2014

The new Labour and Social Security Procedural Code (Law 815) introduced in Nicaragua in May 2013 has succeeded in reducing the backlog of cases waiting to be heard in the labour courts by 50%. The new Code allows for trials to be conducted orally and for workers to file their application before a judge verbally. There is also a fixed time limit and workers now have the right to be accompanied in court by their trade union representative. Processes which previously took four years to complete can now be done in just over an hour. Most demands relate to redundancy payments and reinstatement in the work force. There has been a notable increase in cases being resolved through Conciliation Audiences, which was not an option in the written process. Unions have praised the new system as something which needs to be supported and continued.

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