UNE sends message of support to UK firefighters

NSCAG News | on: Monday, 6 October 2014

Domingo Perez, General Secretary of the public sector workers union UNE, has sent a message of support to the members of the FBU who are campaigning against austerity and government cut-backs. The message reads as follows:-

'Dear Brothers and Sisters

I am writing to you to express greetings and solidarity on behalf of the public sector trade union UNE, a sister trade union which itself has undergone many years of struggle.

We are convinced that the problems of the world – poverty, hunger and unemployment combined with low wages and the failure to comply with collective agreements – are the result of an exploitative capitalist model which promotes inequality and exclusion. The working class, our organisations and our members must fight together to combat this and to build a just and equal society.

Today we want to express our solidarity with the just fight of firefighters in the UK who are having to wage war against the UK’s neo-liberal Government led by that faithful servant of ruthless capitalism David Cameron. Today more than ever it is necessary to mobilise in the streets of the UK to demand policies which will eliminate social inequality and to demand decent wages and the implementation of collective agreements.

Victory is not something we can achieve alone – the trade union struggle is global and we remain in solidarity with you.'

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