Nicaraguan Teachers Announce New Measures for Education

NSCAG News | on: Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Nicaraguan teachers’ union, ANDEN, has announced a series of steps designed to improve the quality of education in Nicaragua. The union recognises the advances that have already been made; the fact that education is now free and not dependent on ability to pay means that pupil retention rates are now at 95% in primary and 86% in secondary schools (as opposed to the situation prior to 2007, when only 30% of students completed their studies). However, further steps now need to be taken to ensure that there is universal coverage of education in the country, since rural areas do not always benefit from the same access as urban communities. The union also wants to see improvements in infrastructure in schools and enhanced training, in particular technical training, for its 40,000 members. The union believes that access to technology is vital and hopes to see computer laboratories installed in all schools in the country.

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